The AVP in San Francisco 2017 - A guide for those who have never attended an AVP Tournament event before

A special thanks to Jim McNamee for writing this guide.

"I wrote up this novice guide to picking which day(s) to attend the AVP-SF which is FREE to attend.  Add anything you’d like, but this is the gist for newcomers."



All days include both a men’s and women’s AVP tournament  - DOUBLE ELIMINATION (Once the Main Draw starts on Friday, your team must lose two games before being eliminated).  You play in the “Winner’s bracket” and once you lose a match, you move over to the “Contender’s bracket” which is a “one-off” tourney within a tourney.

Thursday (July 6):

QUALIFIER DAY.  Want to see lots of local players and great games all day?  This is your day then.  Lots of work being done on the “village” so not many treats, handouts, but good play all day by “unknowns” some to be “knowns”.  Some good players who didn’t make the Main Draw may play and have to go home after losing as its “one off”: lose and go home.

Friday (July 7):

MAIN DRAW STARTS.  See EVERYBODY all day.  Generally the best day to go as you see all Main Draw players (those who don’t have to quaify) and as I stated, EVERYONE plays today.  Crowds are usually lower than the next best day, Saturday.

Saturday (July 8):

ANOTHER BIG DAY but some teams might be gone by now which you wanted to see, but always 2nd best to Friday, IMO.  Lots of play (as compared to Sunday) with great matchups throughout the day on all courts.

Sunday (July 9):

SEMI AND FINAL DAY.  Not as much volleyball as you would expect (as a first time visitor) as usually just the semi-finals and finals, both men’s and women’s.  These are the best teams and if you follow the AVP you will know these players are FEW unknowns make it “through till Sunday”.  They finish in the top because they are the best teams and they’re there on Sunday REGULARLY.  It’s over MUCH earlier than the other days and most games are in the stadium.  This will be SOLD out and hard to get seats for (general admission), but there is standing room, so you’ll see every event. 
You can live stream this from Friday on (usually) through the semi-finals on Sunday.  The Men’s match is usually live on NBC and thus not streamed.

3 Strength Training Exercises for Volleyball

These exercises are for an all around body workout, to help you move effectively and efficiently on the court. To only move in one plane as you strength train for volleyball, prevents you from getting the best workout needed. Playing volleyball makes your body go in so many different directions and in quick amounts of time. Without proper strength training, injuries can happen. Also, the more strength training you do on the muscles you use most frequently, the better you will play. I interviewed Katie Petersen from Santa Cruz 24 Hour Fitness, and here she gives some unique and extremely helpful exercises to enhance your game.


Even though traditional forward lunges are strengthening, lunges in various directions are going to be more beneficial to help the body when it constantly changing directions on the court.

HOW TO: Imagine you’re in the middle of an analog clock. Starting with one leg, do a traditional lunge, leaning into the 12 o’clock position. After holding that position, go into the 2 o’clock position. Then continue with 4 o’clock, and 6 o’clock. Then do the other side. Do 3 or 4 sets. You can also add weight with dumbbells for a more advanced workout.


This requires a bench press bar attached to a pivoting unit that you can move in any direction you want. This is a great full-body workout using your biceps, core, shoulders, and chest. Because you’re in a twisting motion, you’re working a lot of areas in the core.

HOW TO: One hand goes at the end of the bar underhanded and the other goes about shoulder-width away, holding the bar in an overhand position. Squat down and as you come up, and twist your upper body. Repeat with the other side. Start with one or two sets, 10 or so squats on each side. Add more weight plates as you progress weekly.


The downward motion is important for spiking and even serving. Pullovers are good for exercising this part of the body. Sometimes people lay on the bench to do pullovers but Katie recommends doing it on a ball or standing to keep the core engaged. On the ball, you have core stability involved to really challenge it and it works the muscles in a different way.  

It works the arms, the gluts, the lats and the core. Anytime you can work out with using more muscle groups, you’re giving your body a better workout.

HOW TO: To do the pullover on a ball, sit at the spot closest to you and then roll down so that your shoulders are lying comfortably on the ball. Lift the arms over your head and then go back to the start position. Do this with more reps and less weight to start, and then as you get strengthened, increase your weights.


Starting any of these exercises using too many weights will result in injury. Start easy with less weight, more reps, and then go from there!

We hope you enjoy these techniques. If you would like further instruction and personal training, contact Katie at

VIDEO - Cryotherapy: An Invigorating Pain Relief Experience

We had the unique opportunity of visiting Santa Cruz Cryotherapy on 41st Avenue in Capitola, Ca, and were treated with a sub-zero cryotherapy session. Santa Cruz Cryotherapy says it provides "faster recovery, fewer aches & pains, better sleep, enhanced mood, a stronger immune system, more energy, youthful skin and a rapid thermogenic fat burn".

Check out the video above to join in on the experience.


5 Tips to ACTUALLY Nail Your New Years Resolutions and Accomplish Goals

5 Tips to ACTUALLY Nail Your New Years Resolutions and Accomplish Goals

75% of New Year’s resolutions only last one week!
Only 8% of them stay for the whole year.

Maybe you made New Year’s resolutions, maybe you make year-long resolutions, or maybe you don’t believe in them at all. Well, if you did decide to make some changes in your life whether it be to improve on your volleyball tactics, lose 15 lbs or spend more quality time with friends, here are some ways on how to ACTUALLY accomplish sticking with them and not quit on them like the 92% who do. 

Almost one year in... and why we are here.

Dear Volleyball Community,

We are coming up on almost 1 year since starting and we want to let you know why we are here. We are passionate about beach volleyball and wanted to start a community that is not just for pro athletes, but for everyone... at every age... and every skill level. Whether you are 'A' rated or just a beginner, our goal is to be inclusive for every player. Beach volleyball is such a beautiful sport, and we hope for people to find inspiration in our community and resources.

We are so excited about the response we have received from you so far. You have been vocal with how much you love the live webcams, tournament photos, calendar of events, news articles, and more. We want to say thank you and let you know that we are committed to bring you even more over the next year, continuing to grow the community.

Make sure to look your best out there as we are snapping photos at the tournaments this year. We are looking forward to an amazing 2016 tournament season. 

DigSantaCruz Team