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The AVP in San Francisco 2017 - A guide for those who have never attended an AVP Tournament event before

A special thanks to Jim McNamee for writing this guide.

"I wrote up this novice guide to picking which day(s) to attend the AVP-SF which is FREE to attend.  Add anything you’d like, but this is the gist for newcomers."



All days include both a men’s and women’s AVP tournament  - DOUBLE ELIMINATION (Once the Main Draw starts on Friday, your team must lose two games before being eliminated).  You play in the “Winner’s bracket” and once you lose a match, you move over to the “Contender’s bracket” which is a “one-off” tourney within a tourney.

Thursday (July 6):

QUALIFIER DAY.  Want to see lots of local players and great games all day?  This is your day then.  Lots of work being done on the “village” so not many treats, handouts, but good play all day by “unknowns” some to be “knowns”.  Some good players who didn’t make the Main Draw may play and have to go home after losing as its “one off”: lose and go home.

Friday (July 7):

MAIN DRAW STARTS.  See EVERYBODY all day.  Generally the best day to go as you see all Main Draw players (those who don’t have to quaify) and as I stated, EVERYONE plays today.  Crowds are usually lower than the next best day, Saturday.

Saturday (July 8):

ANOTHER BIG DAY but some teams might be gone by now which you wanted to see, but always 2nd best to Friday, IMO.  Lots of play (as compared to Sunday) with great matchups throughout the day on all courts.

Sunday (July 9):

SEMI AND FINAL DAY.  Not as much volleyball as you would expect (as a first time visitor) as usually just the semi-finals and finals, both men’s and women’s.  These are the best teams and if you follow the AVP you will know these players are FEW unknowns make it “through till Sunday”.  They finish in the top because they are the best teams and they’re there on Sunday REGULARLY.  It’s over MUCH earlier than the other days and most games are in the stadium.  This will be SOLD out and hard to get seats for (general admission), but there is standing room, so you’ll see every event. 
You can live stream this from Friday on (usually) through the semi-finals on Sunday.  The Men’s match is usually live on NBC and thus not streamed.