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3 Strength Training Exercises for Volleyball

These exercises are for an all around body workout, to help you move effectively and efficiently on the court. To only move in one plane as you strength train for volleyball, prevents you from getting the best workout needed. Playing volleyball makes your body go in so many different directions and in quick amounts of time. Without proper strength training, injuries can happen. Also, the more strength training you do on the muscles you use most frequently, the better you will play. I interviewed Katie Petersen from Santa Cruz 24 Hour Fitness, and here she gives some unique and extremely helpful exercises to enhance your game.


Even though traditional forward lunges are strengthening, lunges in various directions are going to be more beneficial to help the body when it constantly changing directions on the court.

HOW TO: Imagine you’re in the middle of an analog clock. Starting with one leg, do a traditional lunge, leaning into the 12 o’clock position. After holding that position, go into the 2 o’clock position. Then continue with 4 o’clock, and 6 o’clock. Then do the other side. Do 3 or 4 sets. You can also add weight with dumbbells for a more advanced workout.


This requires a bench press bar attached to a pivoting unit that you can move in any direction you want. This is a great full-body workout using your biceps, core, shoulders, and chest. Because you’re in a twisting motion, you’re working a lot of areas in the core.

HOW TO: One hand goes at the end of the bar underhanded and the other goes about shoulder-width away, holding the bar in an overhand position. Squat down and as you come up, and twist your upper body. Repeat with the other side. Start with one or two sets, 10 or so squats on each side. Add more weight plates as you progress weekly.


The downward motion is important for spiking and even serving. Pullovers are good for exercising this part of the body. Sometimes people lay on the bench to do pullovers but Katie recommends doing it on a ball or standing to keep the core engaged. On the ball, you have core stability involved to really challenge it and it works the muscles in a different way.  

It works the arms, the gluts, the lats and the core. Anytime you can work out with using more muscle groups, you’re giving your body a better workout.

HOW TO: To do the pullover on a ball, sit at the spot closest to you and then roll down so that your shoulders are lying comfortably on the ball. Lift the arms over your head and then go back to the start position. Do this with more reps and less weight to start, and then as you get strengthened, increase your weights.


Starting any of these exercises using too many weights will result in injury. Start easy with less weight, more reps, and then go from there!

We hope you enjoy these techniques. If you would like further instruction and personal training, contact Katie at kpetersen72@yahoo.com.